General Information About Granite Countertops

Granite is a very hard rock which is made up of feldspar, mica, quartz and traces of other minerals.  These minerals are responsible for its uniqueness and durability when used to create a kitchen countertops. Since granite is mined underground you will find that each and every granite rock is unique and different from the other a quality admired by homeowners who crave for originality in homes. Granite comes in many different colors which vary from quarry to quarry and the amount of mineral contained in the rock. Some of the common granite countertop colors are, black, green, red, black and brown. The color of the granite can also vary from dark colors to very light colors, most people prefer the lighter colored granite countertops which are speckled. You can also find neutral colored granite and a wide variety of shades which can go with any interior décor of your kitchen.

Granite countertop comes from the second hardest rock in the world which makes it very durable and can withstand the wear and tear of the kitchen environment. Granite countertops are also highly resistant to acidic substances like alcohol and vinegar. The kitchen is characterized at times by extreme heat and since granite is so dense it is less likely to be affected nor scorched by hot kitchen appliances like pans. Your granite countertop will still maintain its shinny appearance after being in use for many years along with increase the value of your home. Since granite is the second hardest rock this makes a granite countertop scratch resistant.  If you had to you can use it as a cutting board for your fruits and vegetables without worrying about scratching it but you will dull your knife quickly, so it is not recommended.

Granite is a porous rock which means it can absorb water and moisture, to avoid this the granite slab is treated with a sealer which protects it from stains. The resealing process is easy and done once a year to help keep your granite non porous and stain resistant.

The process of installing a granite countertop is labor intensive and is better left to professionals and it can take a whole day to complete. In the installation process
measurement should be taken accurately not only to save you money but to ensure you have a complete fit of the countertop. It’s also very important to select the granite slab yourself or retain some samples to make sure it matches and complement the interior décor of your kitchen.


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