About My Installed Countertops

At My Installed Countertops you are getting expert advice from a professional granite fabricator who owned his own shop from 1999-2005. During that time he helped hundreds of customers with their granite selections and installations. As a small 2 person operation, the over head was low allowing their customers savings to be big. Personal referrals and word of mouth advertising kept them busy for six years allowing them to make their customers happy with new polished granite counter tops.The partnership has since dissolved but the passion has not. My Installed Countertops is here to help you save time, money and ensure you get a quality product. The website will take you step by step through the entire process of getting granite countertops. From what you can expect when choosing your slab to what you can do to make the installation process easier. My Installed Countertops is here to help you with detailed descriptions of the advantages to owning granite countertops, the basic components to most installation quotes, and what you should do to get the job done right.

So if you want a kitchen that looks fantastic and withstands the test of time. Click this link and enter your contact information in the service request to start receiving cabinet quotes today! There is no fee or obligation to use this service.