Before you get started, you will need to know the following information...

You will be asked the following questions

You will need first your zip code

The type of countertops you’re looking for, such as granite, concrete, stainless steel, marble, tile.

If you’re looking to install or repair a the countertop

If the project is part of a larger remodel

If you would like backsplash, custom shapes, a new sink, if you will need a cook cop cutout, or radius corners

Whether you’re ready to hire or just getting prices, and how soon you will be ready to have it completed.

Is it an insurance claim or not?

If you’re authorized to make the property changes.

And a short description of the project at hand

And your contact information in order to receive a quote

Once you have this information handy click here to get your countertops price quotes. A new window will open up and ask you for your zip code to get started