There are two groups of people when it comes to wood cabinetry either in the kitchen or rooms. One group believes that they should never be painted and stained only in woodsy brown shade. The other group likes to see how simple wood can dramatically be transformed into something spectacular. In fact, painting your cabinets with an unexpected color is a sensational way to add a bit of custom touch to your kitchen.

Exotic Color Designs for your Kitchen:

Following lines explain some exotic stain colors that you can feature in your kitchen.

Soft Green:

Green-washed kitchen cabinets can provide a unique custom touch especially to lovely open spaces. The color is soft and thus looks very natural and the outcome is a refreshing, unique and fun.

Silvery Gray:

A light silvery gray will add a gorgeous character to your cabinet and is typically unexpected. It allows you to retain a soft and light natural look that works perfectly with other design styles, materials, colors and finishes. Even if your kitchen has plenty of wood, your cabinets will not have a typical wood tone and kitchen will not appear too woodsy.

Warm Dark Gray:

Warm dark gray is a beautiful, deep and rich color; it is more gray and cooler than typical cabinet stain colors. It matches particularly well with modern stainless steel accents and marble backsplash and brings everything together splendidly to make an elegant kitchen.

Grayish Green:

Dark grayish green wall cabinets will allow you to have another kind of unique and attractive kitchen. This is a great neutral color that allows you to experiment with other colors as well or you can simply keep the tone of palette earthly or neutral to achieve a comfortable and elegant look.

Deep Red:

Although it sounds strange, you can also use deep red to make your kitchen more inviting. It can make a bold statement and works perfectly in kitchen with minimal decoration especially if the kitchen is devoid of whole lot of natural light.


Ebony is another color that can impart scintillating looks to your kitchen and can make it more inviting. The use of ebony on cabinet walls and doors will lend a unique and unexpected ambiance to your kitchen that is an elegant and handsome feast for eyes of everyone who watches.

Greenish Black:

Greenish black is another hue that you can use with almost all types of kitchens. For instance, it is a bold choice to go for this color on a wood with strong linear graining but the outcome will be eye catching and captivating.


White color for cabinets has been around for a while but it is getting fresh look in more modern kitchens. White will impart more traditional look to modern kitchen making them extremely gorgeous and a treat to look at.


Adding a color or two to your kitchen can be a cumbersome and confusing task. In this regard, abovementioned tips will definitely help you in the long run.

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