Small But Creative Ways To Bring Big Changes To Your Kitchen
Are you struggling to find ideas about changing the looks of your kitchen without changing the entire home’s budget? The current recession has forced most of the people to postpone new renovation and remodeling projects. However, completely giving up the updates to the areas that need some alteration is not at all an option. There are many things you can do in all parts of your home that will not cost you much but will impart an elegant new look to surroundings.

Little Changes for Your Kitchen:

Following are some of the small changes you can do to your kitchen to achieve big results.

Replace Things:

You can replace small things like lights and faucets or can also replace a big thing like the stove’s cooker head. These small replacements are relatively inexpensive and will completely transform your kitchen from a dull one to an exciting one.

Hang Dishes on the Wall:

You can embellish you kitchen walls by hanging dishes you already have on the wall. Furthermore, you can also buy inexpensive decorative dishes from a local sales yard. This is an easy and affordable kitchen art that will make a big and beautiful change to your kitchen.

Replace Cooker Head:

You have plethora of options to replace a boring cooker head sitting atop your stove with more creative, unique and interesting ones. The new cooker head can become a real statement piece for your kitchen as well.

A Decorative Bowl:

It is also a tremendous idea to place a decorative bowl or two in the kitchen. In this regard, you need to choose a large sculptured piece that can act as a standout kitchen art. Kitchen counters and tables are good places to display them. Furthermore, you can fill them with interesting trinkets or can leave them empty as well.

Add Some Color:

The best and simplest way to make a change to any place is to add some colors. If you are feeling bold, you can repaint your kitchen with a strong hue. On the other hand, if you do not want to be that drastic, then simply go for new bold colored-furniture as it could be the perfect alternative.

Plant in the Kitchen:

It is extremely wonderful to have live plants in the kitchen. It induces the feeling of life and joy in the kitchen creating a natural and easy ambiance. In this regard, a potted plant, a fresh flower or a hanging plant will all work nicely in the kitchen.

New Lightings:

You can invest in new lightings as great lighting can do a lot to make any room more appealing. Furthermore, you can also change the shape of the lamps and the level of brightness they exude. This way you can change the entire look of the kitchen without spending much of the money.

Decorative Vases and Jars:

You can also fill the space with extremely elegant decorative vases and jars. One sensational example is glass jars filled with olive oil or pasta. Another great example is a mystery jar that may hide cookies, tea or some other surprises. It is affordable and will bring a lot of oomph to your kitchen.


Abovementioned are some of the tips that will allow you to make your kitchen more attractive and enticing without spending much of your fortune.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Powell is a home décor expert and writes on relevant topics like online canvas printing ideas to decorate your home in an artistic manner. He works for cheap photos to canvas, an online store offering affordable home decoration items.