For a lot of us the kitchen is more than merely an area for cooking and provides a lot more besides. The kitchen is often the center of the home and so needs to be a multifunctional area. The room is often used for dining, tasks and even meeting people. So, how do you create a multifunctional kitchen that’s as at home with cooking as it is for children to do their homework in?

Preparation Areas

By having counters and kitchen work areas that can double as areas for both preparing and serving dishes then you can be sure to maximize the space. This is often especially important in a small home or an apartment. Good lighting aids this mixture of uses and retro kitchen lights can really look the part here. Perhaps have a preparation area that can double as a high counter. This can be a great way to combine food preparation with an eating and working area.

Versatility is Key

The modern kitchen has the ability to have any number of tricks up its sleeve. Kitchens can now have roller shelves fitted to tables and work areas and can be used for all sorts of activities. These areas can pull out and be used as work areas and then also pushed in to be utilised as home office areas too. By choosing furniture wisely and to fit in with your needs you can have one piece that performs many tasks and looks excellent under the white retro kitchen lights.

Education and Leisure

Why not mix food, education and leisure in the kitchen by having an array of books on hand and on show and a seating area too. This allows you access to books for cooking, reading and for education too. You can use the counters for all three activities and it’s essentially all just about having a good seating area and a choice of reading.


The finishes you choose in the kitchen also say a lot about it and turn it into a multifunctional room. For example a kitchen made mainly from steels is seldom going to be a comfortable place to read or study in. Mix up metals, woods and other materials to create an area that combines all three. You want to ensure that the area is comfortable and that you can just chill, work or cook there without noticing where the time goes. Good lighting such as uplighters, white retro chrome lights and spot lights combine to make this all the more practical.

The kitchen is so important in the home and is often the central to the whole notion of family. People can come and go casually in and out of the kitchen, work there and of course, eat there with ease. It’s just that sort of a place and the way you decorate it is all part of giving it this feel.