Making your cabinets look good cost money. That is a given fact with all the rising prices of materials and labor. The only way to save on kitchen cabinets is to use your noggin and find ways to cut down cost without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Remodeling your kitchen cabinets could run in thousands of dollars but the good news is that there are lots of ways to get cabinets on a shoestring budget.

Do you really need to change your cabinets? That is the first question you need to answer before you decide that you need some sprucing up with your kitchen cabinet. Re-facing and replacing cabinets are two different things. Re-facing may be cheaper and it could the thing that your cabinets need at this point in time. If there are major damages in your cabinets then it is time to replace. Cabinets are the foundation of your countertops and storage areas. If the cabinets are no longer structurally sound, then there may be a need for replacement.

Should you decide on replacing your kitchen cabinets, the next question you need to answer is the materials to use on the new cabinet. Almost everyone would like to have wood as the material for their cabinets. But the fact is real wood is costly if not downright expensive. Find out if there are less expensive wood alternatives that are available at your local hardware store or even online.  For instance, there is particleboards that resemble wood used in some cheap furniture.

Okay there are big brand names that put more pressure to the price when it is actually unnecessary. You need to ask if it is worth to go with brand names or stick with no name brands which offer the same degree of quality. Ask if you can do the same quality wood work in your garage because if you think about it, it is not exactly rocket science. Aside from the fact that there are lots of cabinet makers out there that can make one or two for you for lesser cost.

One way cabinet manufacturers pry your wallet open is through extras. Extras jack up the prices and it may be unnecessary because you may not need the extras. Glass cabinet doors cost more than wooden ones. Fancy knobs and pulls are costlier than ordinary looking ones. You can scout for fancy yet cheaper alternatives and install it to save some money.

Have you ever considered used cabinets? You can see a lot of old kitchen cabinets being sold online or advertised through Craigslist. High quality kitchen cabinets may have some game left in them and could save you some money in the process.

Saving money on your kitchen cabinets takes expert planning and creativity to see it through. You need to do your assignment to save money. It is not rocket science and everyone can do it easily.


Inez Vaughn is from the website How Much Is It?, a great guide for consumers around the globe trying to find out what things cost. Follow her on Twitter @howmuchforit.