One of the best trends in modern kitchens is undoubtedly hidden appliance designs.  Of course, these are not for everyone, but they can work tremendously well, especially in larger kitchens where the homeowner wants to make the most of the space available to them. Hidden appliances are also great for those who use their kitchen as a dining room, too, as everything can be ‘put away’ and allow couples and families to sit down together to a relaxing meal without actually feeling like they are surrounded by appliances and utensils.

What are the hidden appliance ideas that you might consider for your home?

Everything Gone

Although this is the extreme option, more people are looking at it than ever before one. Ask yourself this question; how much satisfaction would you get from your kitchen if it were all hidden behind a sliding door?

The answer will likely depend on whether or not you spend a lot of time in there. If the kitchen is the busiest room in your house, then the chances are that it will actually be quite inconvenient. After all, what is the point in having the hidden element if you always need your appliances to be visible?

In contrast, if you are rarely at home, but when you are find yourself entertaining guests or wanting to indulge yourself, then a completely hidden kitchen might be something worth considering.

If you want to go to a lesser extreme with your hidden appliances, you can also consider these options.

Hidden Dishwasher

Although quite a common thing to see in a kitchen with hidden appliances, it is still one to consider. Forget about the people who say that having a dishwasher is lazy; when people have less time and are busier than ever before, it makes perfect sense to own one.

Hidden Fridges

When it comes to individual appliances, this is probably the most common that we see around the world. The best go further than just merely hiding the fridge behind a unit front, however.

For example, you can get hold of a new range combi boiler installation or fridges that are actually fitted into a unit, which means that all parts of your fridge can be hidden behind a different door. Rather than having one fridge, you can have one that has milk and another where you store meat, for example.
Our favorite example is where the kitchen drawers are separate from the fridge itself, too, making a great place for storing fruit and vegetables safely away from any unexpected spillages.

How to Make it Look Good

You have probably been in a kitchen where you cannot tell where anything is, yet also been in others where it is blatantly obvious where everything is hidden.
While this is not a pre-requisite of hidden appliances, at the very least you want to be able to ensure that it looks elegant and tasteful. Should you be in the process of redesigning your kitchen, factor any hidden appliances into your thoughts, so you do not have to make any adjustments later.

Remember the reasons for wanting hidden appliances, too. If you do not need the space or use your kitchen for anything much, think about whether it is an investment you really want to make.

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This article is written by Superglide Wardrobes, a family business with 20 years’ experience in the made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors field.