One of the best choices for your kitchen renovation is granite for your countertop. The overall cost is less than marble and looks just as beautiful. Granite is strong as well as durable so it can withstand any kitchen wear and tear. Functionality plays an important role in the kitchen, granite works great for food preparation because it’s easy to clean and really smooth.


Granite starts as a large stone slab, it’s then treated and polished down giving it an ultra smooth surface. The stone is cut to fit the measurements based on your lower kitchen cabinetry. There are no two slabs that are the same making them unique to homeowners.

Most granite varies in neutral tones such as black, grey, brown and beige. There are a few other color options such as red, blue and green but are a lot hard to find. Depending on the color of your cabinets, floors and appliances consider using a shade that will blend perfectly with the rest of your home.

Granite is super strong, durable and is sealed protecting it against all kinds of use. It’s also easy to clean, just use a soft cloth and wipe it down after each use. If cared for properly this stone will last for years to come. The best part of having granite in your home is the resale value, many homebuyers desire granite throughout the home especially in the kitchen.

There are a few drawbacks to granite, if your looking for color pop granite isn’t the material to use. Most countertops come in neutral earth tones leaving homeowners with limited color options. Granite is hard to install without proper help, it also shows seams where the pieces join together.

Since granite is mined from many areas of the world price is based on quantity of location. Granite is a heavy material for the kitchen so professionals will need to install it. Between the cost of labor and product the price range for installing a granite countertop costs about $30 to $200 per sq ft. making it more expensive than tile, wood or resin.


Granite comes in a variety of unique naturally formed designs. The interesting swirls of colors make granite very appealing. These are formed in a many different shades depending on where they are mined. The beauty of granite makes a huge statement; it’s also attentive enough to continue on as a backsplash. A natural colored stone has a design all it’s own.

Granite reacts badly to traditional household cleaners; the acids eat right through so be sure to only use hot soapy water or natural cleaners. Granite comes sealed when purchased brand new, but over time the natural stone starts to wear down, resealing it will bring back its shine. A soft cloth should be used along with a special conditioner designed specifically for granite. Gently rub into the stone and wipe off excess with a dry cloth. This process can be done every six months or on a yearly basis. Keeps your countertops nice and shiny.

Granite is one hardest material worldwide next to the diamond. Because of its strength and durability granite works well in kitchen. It’s by far the most sought after of all the natural materials, it’s also resistant to heating and scratching. Thick high quality natural stone keeps it from chipping or breaking making it perfect for kitchens or baths.

Heather Mitchell is a featured author for Unique Online Furniture, Inc, a group of e-boutiques who specialize in bathr oom vanities and cabinets for the discerning homeowner.